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cover has been all we have seen today. heavier thicker clouds towards west virginia and western virginia in north carolina. we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow. rest of the evening clear. 69 now. we have fallen to 67 now, rather. this evening down in the 60s for the next few hours. mostly sunny, mild, breezy weather. you have to love a friday night like this. you'll want to enjoy it. as we go into saturday there will be changes developing tomorrow night into sunday. that's coming up. >>> the latest now on sarah palin and a former college student on trial for hacking into her e-mail account. she confronted the former university of tennessee student today in the courtroom as the star witness to the prosecution. a lawyer said it was just a joke but he could face serious jail time if convicted. palin first learned her account had been hacked when she was campaigning in michigan as screen shots of her e-mails circulated around the internet. her daughter bristol began receiving threatening phone calls. palin told jurors she feared for her life and the lives of her family members. >> access an
the chesapeake. water temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. look at charleston, west virginia it 91. few thin clouds this evening. all dry. maryland's radar all clear. expecting that through the weekend. 70s for the evening. sunset not until 7:30. get out and enjoy mighty fine weather. we'll talk at your easter sunday forecast in a few minutes. >>> an easter tradition continued today in fellow's point with people lining up judd site of the popular business to pick up their sausage for sunday. some people waited 45 minutes to get their hands on the famous homemade polish sausage. there it is. >> we come every year. this is a tradition for the polish breakfast that we have every year. >> they have a polish breakfast every year as well. we come and get our sausage and kielbasa and the horseradish and the smell in there is fabulous. >> they are celebrating 91 years in business. >>> a grandmother charged with scamming her friends out of thousands of dollars. how she pulled it off and where police think he got the idea. >>> you spend hours agonizing over your taxes only to realize you cannot pay th
. a little cooler out in far western maryland. they under the low 70s into virginia and richmond right now. this is all seasonable and typical stuff for the latter part of april. a little spoiled there earlier this month with thele 0s and 9 -- the 80s and 90s. it will bring increasing cloud cover tomorrow right now. our band of cloud cover is breaking up. we've got more coming out of the south and west. this will likely bring rain tomorrow after nan and tomorrow evening. not a lot of rain. this storm is not that impressive. it is a relatively large storm but doesn't look like a lot of punch. the showers will not hold together all that well tomorrow evening. we will see scattered showers. cooler stuff north of us, but it's where we're watching that's south and west of us as this line of showers comes out of the virginia area into maryland tomorrow afternoon. this is 5:00. could douse our beltway here with some showers around that peak evening commute. you know just a few rain drops will cause major headaches. this looks like it will fizzle out after sun schett tomorrow evening. and then ma
at the regional satellite. you can see there are still thundershowers, and thunderstorms toward virginia beach extending to the eastern shore of virginia but maryland just about all clear now. other than cloud cover. gusty winds all day long. gusting over 30 miles per hour. at times, now we're seeing gusts at the top of the hour around 22 to 25 miles per hour. and temperaturewise upper 50s but believe me these are going to be dropping quickly overnight. down through the 50s, eventually into the 40s. then into the 30s. so it's going to be a chilly start tomorrow morning. i know, you're probably ready to say goodbye to late-season cold fronts. believe me, a big warm-up on the way this week. we'll talk about it coming up. >>> tonight, chilling new video of the alleged underwear bomber, the arcadia shores terrorist charged with trying to blow up a plane over detroit christmas day. federal authorities say the tape shows him preparing for the deadly mission. the men in the training camp are believed to be in yemen. he left yemen in december for the christmas day suicide mission. >> what the governme
. will 69. kulpeper, virginia 75. winds steady at 17. it is a breezy afternoon. all the sunshine and warmer temperatures it is hard to complain too much. this evening in the 60s. sunny scenario the rest of the night. great looking night. fantastic friday forecast. then a warmer but also perhaps stormier weekend. that's all coming up. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories. two men fleeing from police officers crash a car killing the father of a baltimore county police officer. the men are held without bail on many charges before they'll have to answer for the death of albert davis. >>> hundreds of people including president obama gathered in the nation's capital today to say good bye to dorothy height. the crowd was made up of the whose who of the washington area and civil rights era. she spent a lifetime on the front lines battling for racial equality. she died last week at age 98. >>> we now know the name of a howard county couple killed last week in a plane crash. they are both from wood vine. he radioed air traffic controllers in indianapolis shortly before crash saying he had issu
that we are part of here in baltimore and the much warmer air down into southwestern virginia and on into the rest of the south. that will be sliding our way here over the next 24-hours. no rain associated with the this boundary. we are not looking for any rain. maybe a few clouds overnight as this boundary shifts northward. it will bring in the warmer air. still plenty of sunshine. temperatures you can add 10 degrees tomorrow as the cool air drifts northeast and pushes into england. you can make out the boundary into charlotte and west of there in the 80s. forecast model high and dry tonight and tomorrow. into the day on friday we are fine early on. this boundary comes in and brings us a threat or showers and thunderstorms on friday. 39 tonight. mostly clear. chilly. tomorrow blue sky day. 72. not bad for a two-degree guarantee. tomorrow night milder 53 with a few clouds. seven-day forecast. trend here is a good one. we push up close to 80 on friday. next cool front brings in a threat for a few showers friday night into saturday. factor that into your plans. drier and cooler
maryland and northern virginia. but heavier storms may clip us later this evening. take you out wider. you can see behind this there's not a lot there. that's good. that means after the showers and storms, cooler and drier air will filter in for first pitch tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime, one more warm evening ahead of this line of showers and storms, which, by the way, probably come right through the baltimore area about midnight tonight. the best chance for rain through about 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. may clear it out in time for the morning compute but the roads may be damp. then the first pitch just after 3:00, partly cloudy skies and all the rain will be out of here. cooler and breezier for game day tomorrow. 54 tonight, showers, storms, windy, cooling down rapidly tomorrow into the day. we're going to go with 60 for your two degree guarantee. early rain ends in the morning, cooler, breezy, and dry. if out late after the game, bring an extra layer, down to the upper 30s by daybreak on saturday. then temperatures moderate into the weekend. 64 saturday, 72 sunday, next week looking
virginia to find temperatures close to 70. mid 50s was it today all courtesy of the spring storm system. you can see no sunshine coming through today in central maryland through the beach. out to the west there is some clearing. cool air north of us will stay north of us. we'll see warmer air move in tomorrow as the boundary stalls out and keeps cool air at bay for a day or two. showers are moving east tomorrow. looks like a partly cloudy day. in to friday we are looking at a lot of sunshine. enjoy these next two days. rainier pattern sets up saturday afternoon into next week. tonight 46. showers coming to an end. fairly mild. tomorrow two degree guarantee. 70. we are back in business but it will only last two days. tomorrow night 45. partly cloudy. checking out the seven-day forecast. nice, dry weather. thursday, again on friday. beautiful stuff nearby 70. chance for showers comes in saturday. rainier day this weekend looks like sunday. that could be a real rainout. monday and tuesday next week we have scattered showers in the picture. >>> for week five of dancing with the stars celebr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8